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What we really do is build bridges.

Bridges between you and your customers. Bridges between you and search engines . . . most prominently, Google.

Search engines are essential in driving traffic to your business when prospective customers let their “fingers do the walking” by typing a search query instead of fumbling through the pages of an archaic printed directory.

Our "bridges" span the entire Web. We have built them for Fortune 1000 companies and mom-and-pop startups, for people selling real estate and insurance to purveyors of reptiles and iguanas.

Like everyone else, we construct Websites out of multiple elements -- long ones like articles; medium-length spans such as home-page copy, blog entries, and FAQ pages; short ones like product blurbs, photo captions, and e-mail solicitations; essential ones like shopping carts.

The difference is that our bridges are simply better than most others. Better because we recognize that content, not technology, is really the Website king. Because we know Google and the other search engines don’t rank sites by the flamboyance of their graphics, but by the quality and, most of all, the relevancy of their content.

Which is why we write and/or edit your site’s copy to the highest ad-agency standards and Photoshop enhance your Web pictures … all at no extra charge.

Our sites are better because they’re not pre-fabricated from a one-size-fits-all template. We build Websites to order, for and about you and your business.

Each site is customized with exactly the right type and number of keywords, key phrases, navigational elements, alternate text, and meta-tags to max out its search-engine optimization potential.

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